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By Edwin Hewitt, Kenneth A. Ross

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Contents: Preliminaries. - components of the idea of topolo- gical teams. -Integration on in the neighborhood compact areas. - In- version functionals. - Convolutions and crew representa- tions. Characters and duality of in the neighborhood compact Abelian teams. - Appendix: Abelian teams. Topological linear spa- ces. advent to normed algebras. - Bibliography. - In- dex of symbols. - Index of authors and phrases.

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5), L is open and closed. 8) Theorem. A subgroup Hol a topological group Gis discrete il and only il it has an isolated point. Proof. Suppose that xEH and that x is isolated in the relative topology of He G. That is, there is a neighborhood U of e in G such that (xU)nH={x}. Then for arbitrary YEH, we have (yU)nH=(yU)n (yx-1H)=yx-1((xU)nH)={y}. Thus every point of H is isolated, so that H is indeed discrete. If H is discrete, then by definition alt of its points are isolated. 0 § 5. 9) Theorem. Let G be a topological group and H a subgroup 01 G such that U- n His closed in G lor some neighborhood U 01 e in G.

26). 37) Subgroups. (a) (BOURBAKI [1], p. ) A subgroup H of a topological group G is closed if and only if there is an open subset U of G such that UnH = unIr and unH =1=0. (b) If H is a nonc1osed subgroup of a topological group, then I r n H' is dense in H-. (c) Let H be a dense subgroup of a topological group G, and let] be a normal subgroup of H. Then J- is anormal subgroup of G. (d) The intersection of all open subgroups and the intersection of all closed subgroups of a topologieal group Gare closed nonnal subgroups of G.

Thus a eountably infinite topologieal group need not have a eountable open basis at the identity. [Let H be a Hamel basis for R over Q eontaining 1. For 0(1' CX 2• .... cxmEHn {1}' and 8> O. let U(CX1' 0(2 ..... arm; 8) = {nEZ:lcxkn-Pkl<8 for some PkEZ. k=1. 2..... m}. It is easy to verify that the family of sets U(CX1' cx 2• .... 5. v) and henee defines a topology onZ makingZ into a topologieal group. CX2" ... CXm ;8) is infinite. 23) Infinite Abelian groups. (a) Every infinite Abelian group G admits a nondiserete Hausdorff topology under whieh it is a topological group.

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