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By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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Every thing is made from them, from the furthest reaches of the universe to this publication that you just carry on your arms, together with you. such as you, the weather have lives: personalities and attitudes, skills and shortcomings, tales wealthy with which means. you might imagine of them because the inscrutable letters of the periodic desk yet you recognize them far better than you recognize.

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There were several ways that Agassiz might have proceeded: he might have got a leave of absence for the spring term, taken his laboratory to some pond inhabited by turtles, and there camped until he should catch the reptile digging out her nest. But there were difficulties in as those who are college professors and naturalists know. all As of that this was quite out of the question, he did the easiest thing asked Mr. "Jenks of Middleboro" to get him the eggs. Mr. Jenks got them. Agassiz knew all about his getting of them; and I say the strange and irritating thing is that Agassiz did not think it worth while monumental work.

All the operations I it have described, you will see, are involved of any man of sense in leading him to a conclusion as to the should take in order to make good a robbery and punish the he course in the mind I say that you are led, in that case, to your conclusion by exactly the same train of reasoning as that which a man of science pursues when offender. endeavouring to discover the origin and laws of the most occult phenomena. The process is, and always must be, the same; and precisely he the is same mode of reasoning was employed by Newton and Laplace in SCIENCE 20 their AND THE SCIENTIST endeavours to discover and define the causes of the movements of the heavenly bodies, as you, with your own common sense, would employ to detect a burglar.

And he might say, "Oh, my dear sir, way you are tuous. tea-pots certainly going on a great deal too fast. You are most presumpthat all these occurrences took place when you were You admit time when you could not possibly have known anything about what was taking place. How do you know that the laws of Nature are not suspended during the night? " In point of fact, he declares fast asleep, at a that your hypothesis is one of which you cannot at all demonstrate the truth and that you are by no means sure that the laws of Nature are the same when you are asleep as when you are awake.

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