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By Katharine Kerr

ISBN-10: 0586211977

ISBN-13: 9780586211977

E-book seven of the prestigious Deverry sequence, an epic delusion rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven background over a number of hundred years.

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A Time of War

Booklet seven of the prestigious Deverry sequence, an epic fable rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven background over numerous hundred years.

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While they’d been travelling, Meer had been teaching him lore, just as he’d promised. The bard’s tales had introduced him to an entirely new world, one where the gods moved among men and demons fought them, where spirits roamed the earth and caused mischief, where magic was a necessary part of life, as well, to fend all these presences off or to bend the weaker ones to your will. Automatically Jahdo’s hand went to his throat to touch the thong-full of talismans that hung there. He would have laughed all the tales away if he hadn’t seen with his own eyes the being called Evandar disappear.

After some hundred yards the horse and mule suddenly tossed up their heads and snorted. Their ears went back and they danced, pulling on their lead ropes. ‘Oh by the blessed name of every god,’ Meer whispered. ’ ‘I can’t. ’ ‘Count your human weakness a blessing, then. ’ Jahdo felt his stomach clench. ‘Let’s go back a-ways and leave the horse and mule behind. Jahdo, forgive me. ’ ‘Well, true spoken. ’ They retraced their steps a-ways and found a good campsite near the river, then unloaded and tethered the animals.

PART TWO Amissio A good omen for the taking of prisoners, but otherwise, evil in all things, though with great hope of mitigation. If it should fall under the presidency of Tin, the ninth land upon our map, it signifies evil without any such hope, for in all matters pertaining to the gods and their worship, this figure works naught but ill and harm. The Omenbook ofGwarn, Loremaster Approached from the west, Cengarn loomed. The day when Jahdo saw it for the first time was beautifully sunny and fresh, too, as if the gods were mocking his fate and making sure he could see every detail of the Slavers’ evil city.

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