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By Sandy Blair

ISBN-10: 0821779966

ISBN-13: 9780821779965

Scoundrel, seducer, Sir Ian MacKay merits to be known as the Thief of Hearts. but, he's a guy with a challenge: to come back Scotland's rightful king to his ancestral throne. yet first he needs to discover the real identification of the mysterious girl whose good looks and wit have dazzled the court...and why she is averting him. Can it's attainable that Kate Templeton is an English undercover agent? even though Ian insists that no lady has ever refused him, Kate vows to withstand his scandalous allure. prime him on a merry chase in every single place Scotland is how to guard her center. but a passionate war of words brings them jointly at last...and the one notice on her lips is sure.

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Aye, lass, now ye ken. Nay thought, just feel, flesh on flesh, heat and sweat. He closed his mouth over hers and he slipped two fingers into the curls and found her path slick, ready, her sensitive nub swollen and taut, and not surprising, just a wee bit more prominent than those he had fondled before. God, he loved it. Sliding a finger to either side, he gently stroked. She, in turn, groaned into his mouth. Aye, and now to send ye spiraling off the side of the earth. He increased the pressure ever so slightly.

Since toppling off his destrier last year, Shamus could be so astute one minute and then be so damn dense the next ... and because of the dreadful inconsistency, Ian's cross to bear. He rested his forehead against the door, his hold easy on Kate, who had thankfully started to relax. " "Oh. " Deep breath in, deep breath out. " "Albany said to tell ye and the lady that the tribunal has been moved up to Wednesday eve. " God's teeth. Could naught go right this day? He grunted in resignation. "Thank ye, Shamus.

Aye. Despite her grasp on his wrist, Kate felt his fingers brush the curls where the worst heat sat. Once, twice, his fingers swept ever so lightly past, and then a third. His hand then stilled, and he lifted his mouth from hers. When he looked into her eyes, she groaned, could not help it, seeing the fire there. Of their own volition her hips flexed forward, giving him better access if he would but take it. And God help her, she did want this extraordinary man to take it. She released his wrist and reached for his nape, drawing his mouth to hers.

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