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By George Gamow

Hardback, ex-library, with ordinary stamps and markings, in stable all around .

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1 1 0 Yuki Kobayashi Lucky spinner Earth Works the System 9 0 12 1 13 1 Phase changer (level 4, belt): puts the user out of phase for one minute. During this time, she can pass through solid objects as though she were entirely insubstantial, like a ghost. She cannot make physical attacks or be physically attacked. 0Deceiving 0* Computer programming Medium pistol 4 Nullification ray (level 5, taser): end one ongoing effect within long range produced by an artifact, cypher, move, revision, twist, or other special Strange-related effect.

That’s when you got involved with Mastodon. Connection Back when you were part of Mastodon, you really loved hearing Léopold Watson sing and would dearly love to hear him do so again. You told the fortune for Camille Valentine back in Mastodon and predicted that she was going to die a grisly death. She didn’t believe you, but you know that her death is closer than ever. ) Initial Link to Starting Adventure You were part of a secret military project called Mastodon. 1 1 0 Yuki Kobayashi Lucky spinner Earth Works the System 9 0 12 1 13 1 Phase changer (level 4, belt): puts the user out of phase for one minute.

The latter is what first got Mastodon interested in choosing you as a candidate. Connection You met Kevin Chancellor and the others at Mastodon. Afterward, he made an electronic lockpick for you that has really come in handy over the years. You were grateful, but he broke off contact soon afterward. Well, screw him—life is hard. Initial Link to Starting Adventure You were part of a secret military project called Mastodon. Camille Valentine 1 10 1 4 9 0 70bt From Metamorphosizes: *Battle Chrysalid (2 Intellect points) *Practiced with Chrysalid attacks From Strong: Breaking stuff (already figured in skills) Very Powerful (already figured in Pools) Jumps (already figured in skills) Practiced With All Weapons (Enabler) Practiced in Armor (Enabler) Bash (1 Might point) Translation 1 Ruk Ruk clothing Light armor: plastiskin (already figured in Armor) Umbilical Chrysalid claws (medium) 0 Breaking things 0 Jumping 0 Running 0 Swimming 19 Metamorphosizes Kevin Chancellor 0 0 -1 8 2 1 tricks, illusions, ruses, or lies 0 Strange training 0 Identifying 0 Psychology 0 Seeing through 20 Ruk From Spawns: * Friend in Yourself (Enabler) 30bt From Skeptical: Insightful (already figured in Pools) Skeptical training (already figured in skills) Practiced With Light Weapons (Enabler) Exception (1 intellect point) Closed Mind (Enabler) Translation 0 Ruk clothing Umbilical A level 2 clone of you that follows you around and serves as an asset on attacks [ignores Armor] Quiver shiv (light) 8 Spawns Léopold Watson 1 9 0 fear or intimidation ignoring the effects of overcoming or 0All actions that involve From Infiltrates: *Stealth (Enabler) 50bt From Brash: Energetic (already figured in Pools) Bold (already figured in skills) Ruk clothing Plastiskin (already figured in Armor) Umbilical Bag of light tools 4 Spiker pistol (medium ranged) 1 Ruk Practiced With All Weapons (Enabler) Pierce (1 Speed point) Practiced in Armor (Enabler) Translation 0Balancing 0Initiative 0Speed defense 16 4 1 Spear (medium bladed melee) 0Climbing 11 Infiltrates Luis Ventura 0 0 Intimidation 16 1d6+ 3 Recovery Rolls 1 50bt From Adapts to Any Environment: *Defend (figured in normal Armor) *Heal (already noted in recovery roll) From Tough: Healthy (already noted in recovery roll) Resilient (already figured in Armor) Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons (Enabler) Fast Talk (1 Intellect point) Spin Encouragement (1 Intellect point) Manipulator (already figured in skills) Translation 1 Ruk Ruk clothing Light armor: slicksuit (-2 to Speed while worn; figured) Bag of light tools Breather Umbilical 4 Spear (medium) 3 4 7 Slaughter pistol (medium) 0 Might defense 9 Adapts to Any Environment Padma Ananda Ruk clothing Umbilical -1 Needler pistol (Light) 0 9 0 9 2 1 0Strange training or seduction 0Resisting persuasion interaction 0Computer use 0Pleasant social 18 Ruk From Regenerates Tissue: *Regeneration (1 Intellect point) 50bt From Appealing: Resistant to Charms (already figured in skills) Charismatic (already figured in Pools) Pleasant (already figured in Sskills) Practiced With Light Weapons (Enabler) Levitate Creature (2+ Intellect points) Premonition (2 Intellect points) Translation 0 Regenerates Tissue Yuki Kobayashi 0 10 1 4 1 engineering 0 Deceiving 0 All Song research 0 Ruk geography 0 Microbiome 17 Ruk 50bt From Processes Information: *Storage Capacity (already figured in Intellect Pool) *Knowledge Storehouse (already figured in skills) From Lucky: Luck Pool: 3 points Advantage Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons (Enabler) Spin Identity (2+ Intellect points) Sleight of Hand (1 Speed point) Manipulator (already figured in skills) Translation 0 Ruk clothing Plastiskin (reduces Speed by 2 because not practiced in Armor; figured) Healing kit Umbilical Spiker pistol 9 Processes Information The Strange Bestiary Monument spiders, data sentinels, octopus sapiens, extereons, blobs, kaiju, and killer robots: The Strange Bestiary features more than 150 lavishly illustrated creatures and characters native to Earth, Ardeyn, Ruk, Crow Hollow, Atom Nocturne, and others.

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