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By Lauren Haney

ISBN-10: 0380812878

ISBN-13: 9780380812875

To Honor The Gods Amid Treachery and DeathFrom all over, they've got come to the capital urban of Waset for the opulent banquet of Opet-- sovereigns and supplicants, the pious and proud, collecting for the eleven-day-long revelries. whereas greeting associates and fellow Medjay officials on the bustling harbor, Lieutenant Bak is distracted by means of foul homicide, the invention of the physique of a Hittite horse dealer, his throat savagely lower. Bak has no authority to enquire what can be a uncomplicated topic of Hittite politics -- until eventually related murders happen in the sacred precinct of the Lord Amon. even though this urban isn't his personal, Bak eagerly has the same opinion to help within the research. yet his decided look for connections embroils him in a terrifying conspiracy that issues to the court docket of Queen Hatshepsut herself. Untold others can be becoming a member of the ranks of the useless ahead of the villain is finished -- with Lieutenant Bak numbered between them.

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Ahead, Meryamon veered around a large family group and Bak lost sight of him. ” the young Medjay asked. Bak raised his baton of office, responding to the salute of four soldiers walking in the opposite direction. “An inspection of the partly burned documents might give us an idea of what he was doing. ” Hori did not have to be told who would go through the documents. ” “At break of day tomorrow. ” Bak veered to the edge of the crushed limestone path. The scribe and Medjay fell in line behind him and they walked around the family group.

Maruwa was slain here at the harbor, Lieutenant, so his death falls under your jurisdiction. ” The harbormaster’s eyes slid toward Bak. ” Later, as Bak walked along the waterfront after bidding good-bye to Mai and Karoya, he admitted to himself how disappointed he was that another man held the responsibility for tracking down and snaring the one who had slain the Hittite merchant. He knew he would be at a disadvantage in searching for a killer in an alien community in a city he no longer knew well, but the challenge tempted.

I admit I don’t know him well, but he seemed far too cautious, too sensible. As is Mai. ” The sharp blast of a distant trumpet pierced the air, announcing the lord Amon’s departure from his earthly home. All eyes turned north toward Ipet-isut, and the many voices grew quiet, anticipatory. Movement could be seen at the large, south-facing pylon gate being built by Maatkare Hatshepsut into the tall, crenellated wall that surrounded the sacred precinct. About half completed, the two towers rose slightly above the lintel recently placed over the doorway.

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