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By Richard B. Holmes (auth.)

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The basic result, which depends on the Theorem in d), is the following. Theorem, as in 12c). ,fn For given inf {f(-): define an ordinary Y, F ~ Rn let x, ~ e X fi(. ) <_ yi }, resp. ) < ~i }. Lagrange multiplier vectors, If then ~"(y-F) ! f ( x ) - f ( x ) ! i - . ( y - y ) . Proof. ,fn-y- n. perturbation p(y) = q(y-~) function the is handled similarly. for the ordinary Then by d)~ Let convex program de- -~- E aq(@). If p is the for the original program, we see that and hence that aq(@) = ap(7).

Is convex ~ dom (fi). 6A(9 ~ B = 6A+ B. ,A). ,A) If also if A f is is a convex function on X, n Theorem. ~ ( Proof. * . =X 1 =~ sup { fi(x)} X = i)

For some real- C(xo,g)~C(Xo,~). @), and the r e g u l a r i t y or if If g e Conv (X), assumption O {x: g(x) < g(Xo)} Exercise + ~ 28. Verify e) F i n a l l y we Definition. tangent some and direction s > 0, r(t)/t The set and the then C ( X o , ~ ) = C(xo,g). examples. construction x s X is a d m i s s i b l e with to at ~ A that as Xo) if x ° + tx + r(t) of a cone respect a map s A r: to for A the set (or, [0,E] ÷ X 0 _< t _< s, when is a for and t + 0+. C(Xo,A ) @ s C(Xo,A). these consider such + @ is valid, of all such v e c t o r s In m a n y cases is a g a i n of i n t e r e s t this a cone at @ cone is s i m p l y a A.

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