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By William Derbyshire

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Publication by means of Derbyshire, William

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1. 2. above, however, there are no alternations between this downstep and il L-tone. In such a case, therefore, there is no overt evidence to cause us to select the floating tone analysis (9a) over the pre-assigned foot analysis (9b). But consider the case of a L-toned verb in the General Past tense such as ve vende 'they refused'. Under the hypothesis that the downstep of the General Past is indicated by a floating L-tone, we would have the configuration in (19a); under the hypothesis that the downstepping in the General Past results from the pre-assignment of foot-structure, we would have the configuration in (19b).

Gb. bundle c. keghe L H ikegb. gb. chicken d. se type of tuber e. kaande LL H ikaande akaande type of shellfish f. imb6r amb6i spring of water mboro H We observe that the initial L of a stem like [b~gu ] or [ gb~~] is displaced by the H of the class prefix. The L that has been so displaced will trigger downstepping of the following tone when the following tone is H (14a-d), and will have no effect when the following tone is L (14e). These alternations can be simply accounted for by positing a rule of H-spread as shown in (15).

Ko [okall c. [ko [oaakall - yotE to throwaway yooka to come yooaaka to play 22 CHAPTER ONE This rule must apply lexically for a number of reasons: (1) It applies steminternally as a 'morpheme structure constraint': (38) a. -YEkcondemn b. -yitthatch a house c. -y:JCbend sharply d. -YE3beerjZask (2) It applies to prefixes, when the triggering consonant is in another prefix (41 below) or in the stem (37 above). (3) Suffixes neither trigger nor undergo the rule: 17 (37) a. [n [c:Jk) eet) E) --+ b.

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