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By B. Bonnet, D. Keen

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Will understand the commands. Get a good book on how to properly train your dog to obey voice commands. Just as most people like to be rewarded for their achievements, so do your pets. Rewarding (giving a hug or a treat) is the best motivation for your pet to learn. ” and give a food treat. As time goes on, don’t give food every time. ” will be sufficient to let the pet know you are proud of it. Time and patience are needed to train your dog, but it will be fun for both of you. The training will seem more like playing together than work.

Does your friend say the music never stopped? 19 Project 5: Melody Camouflage If you do not have access to an audio mixer, you can use a musical instrument amplifier, such as a guitar amplifier, as long as it has two separate input channels, each with its own volume control. Place two microphones (for left and right channels) by the amplifier’s speaker, and plug them into a cassette recorder to record the results on a blank tape. ” A pet dog responds to sounds rather than understanding the meaning of words Suggested Entry Categories • Behavioral & Social • Zoology Purpose or Problem The purpose is to prove that a pet dog who is trained to obey several commands, responds to those commands because of association with the sounds and the action you want from the animal, not because of any understanding of language.

Noise such as tape hiss seems to disappear during loud passages of music. Another interesting behavioral effect is that we sometimes hear what we expect to hear. In this project, we record music and “white noise” together, and then gradually reduce the music until only the white noise remains. Will people claim to continue to “hear” the music in the presence of white noise, even after it is turned off? Hypothesis Hypothesize that, when tested, a greater number of your friends and classmates will continue to “hear” music even after the music has completely stopped, while the presence of a high level of white noise remains.

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