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Countless numbers of jokes offer a funny point of view on airways, paintings, activities, gardening, lodges, university, urban existence, the government, inventory marketplace, marriage, playing, and the economy

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They glance nervously over to where Halfdan the Black's ship is riding on the waves. THORFINN I feel strange. Erik looks at Thorfinn, shocked. IVAR THE BONELESS (his throat dry) Sort of wobbly and excited? THORFINN Sort of... IVAR That's fear. SVEN But Thorfinn doesn't know the meaning of fear. THORFINN Is it sort of... like a sinking feeling in your stomach? IVAR That's it! ERIK But. You're not even afraid of DEATH, Thorfinn! THORFINN I know. I know. SVEN'S DAD It's magic. ERIK What "magic"? SVEN'S DAD I've heard stories of a magic that strikes fear into the heart so you cannot fight.

I go too... KEITEL For your own sake... For the others... I... SVEN Hang on... The boat begins to right itself just as Erik finally can't hold on any more, and he plummets, straight into the ship, and through the bottom up to his waist. His legs dangle. At the same moment the prov of the boat tips and suddenly they are plummeting down towards the ocean. They hit the water with an almighty splash. Erik is thrown clear of the hull by the force of the water now cascading up through the hole he has made.

But at least we've tried... and at least we shall have died like men. SNORRI Like fish. SVEN Shut up. THORFINN (raising his sword) Erik's right! We'll all meet in Valhalla. IVAR I don't want to die! HARALD MISSIONARY Isn't there ANYBODY who'd like to be christened before we go down? Silence. A distinct lack of enthusiasm. HARALD It can't do you any HARM... SVEN'S DAD What do we have to do? HARALD Nothing... I just immense you in water... THORFINN AND OTHERS Get lost... The ship creaks and starts to go under.

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