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By Diana Cooper

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The yr 2012 is anticipated to be auspicious in line with historic prophecies, rather from the perspective of non secular development, and this handbook puts those forecasts and the vaunted finish of the area into perspective with interpretations from angelic nation-states. With information on what will ensue on a continent-by-continent foundation, readers will find out about the influence at the 2012 Olympics, the hole of cosmic portals, how person lives in addition to groups could be altered within the time following this momentous 12 months, and forecasts for the 12 months 2032—when the recent Golden Age of Atlantis is expounded to come back into being. sensible information to help humans in getting ready for his or her function during this outstanding transformational shift is additionally integrated.

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Then breathe in and out of your luminous orange navel chakra three times. 7. Focus on your solar plexus and call in Archangel Uriel to hold the energy of wisdom here. Then breathe in and out of your deep golden solar plexus chakra three times. 8. Rise to your heart chakra and invite Archangel Chamuel to waken you to pure love. Then breathe in and out of your pure white heart chakra three times. 9. As you focus on your throat centre, call in Archangel Michael to touch you here. Then breathe in and out of your royal blue throat chakra three times.

As a result of prayer and meditation by many dedicated people, started by 58 L emuria A nd M u the teachers of the Diana Cooper School, who were particularly asked by spirit to do this as they are carefully trained, Neptune has been unblocked and fully connected again. The final connection was made during a glorious ceremony in Ireland, after which the teachers took blessed water from the celebration to the great portal at Tara, which is linked to Neptune. Now we can bring Lemurian healing through directly from Neptune.

In addition, the chart on page 179 contains all the chakras, archangels, notes to attune to chakras and their fifth dimensional colours. When all the other chakras are prepared and ready, the Earth Star triggers the Stellar Gateway, which is the ascension chakra, to open at 31 2 0 1 2 and beyond the same time. This truth applies whether it is for individuals or the planet. In 2012 Earth will move to a higher level and accelerate its ascension. The intention is that together as a world we raise our frequency during the Olympic Games.

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